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Dawan Landry Embraces Leadership Role

Larry French

Seth Walder has a profile on Jets safety Dawan Landry. He is expected to be a leader on this defense.

Landry recalls (Ed) Reed showing him the ropes back in 2006, teaching him the ins and outs of the Rex Ryan defense. "He would just pull me to the side all the time, I would watch film with him lots of times. Him and Ray Lewis," Landry told the Daily News. "Those guys were real valuable for my success in my early years."

A Rex Ryan defense puts a ton of pressure on players in the back. It's a very aggressive and complicated system so the safeties have to process a lot of information and act quickly. Having a safety who has experience in Rex's system is a plus, especially considering what else the Jets have at the position. No matter who starts opposite Landry, it will probably be a young guy whose head will be spinning at times.

Even though the Jets have had very good defensive play throughout the Ryan Era, there have been many instances where a lapse at safety led to a game-deciding big play. Landry is probably going to be replacing Yeremiah Bell more than his brother, but a steady veteran presence will likely be a good thing.