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Mark Sanchez: Anonymous Player Says 80-90 Percent of Team Wants Somebody Else at Quarterback


Our old friend, anonymous, has popped up again with comments about Mark Sanchez per Mike Freeman.

This from a Jets player, who asked not to be identified: "Everyone on the team likes Mark personally but there's a general feeling among some of the players that maybe it's time to give someone else a chance." The player went on to say that he estimates that 80-90 percent of the team feels the same way he does.

Before anybody suggests Freeman made this quote up, let me stop you. Freeman isn't going to risk his career by making up a quote.

The fact this story was published speaks poorly for Rex Ryan. Two years since the locker room crumbled, stories like this are still appearing. He still has not gotten control of things. It also speaks to the complications of keeping Sanchez around. Mark Sanchez is a divisive figure. He has been in the fan base. There are plenty of signs he has been in the locker room. Just having him around creates drama. This story is a perfect example. David Garrard's retirement complicates things, but it probably would be best for both sides if they figured out how to part ways as soon as possible.