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Geno Smith Hires Roc Nation to Represent Him


The most anticipated agent hiring in recent NFL history has been made. Jets quarterback Geno Smith has hired Jay Z's Roc Sports to represent him. Roc Sports is a new agency, but it has already developed a high profile list of clients, including Yankees superstar Robinson Cano.

This will not really impact Geno's rookie contract. With the wage scale in place, rookie contract acrimony seems to be a thing of the past. Where Roc Sports will be tested is handling Geno's image. He reportedly fired his own agency in part because they did not push back hard enough against a bad story.

The media has already laid the groundwork to try and pin the "diva" tag on Geno. What happens on the field will go a long way to determining the way people view Smith, but Roc Sports will have an important role to play to present its client off the field as a good guy instead of the caricature some illustrious writers have already drawn.