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Woody Johnson: General Manager and Coaches Are Gathering Facts on Goodson

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Doug Pensinger

Jets owner Woody Johnson spoke to the media today discussing the fact-gathering process the team is undergoing in the wake of Mike Goodson's arrest.

"We're at a point of investigating the facts," Johnson said. "John Idzik met with him this morning, he'll meet with the coaches today. We'll try to get the story on what the facts are and go from there."

This seems like the right way to go. There is no need for hasty action before we actually know what happened. This is a situation that calls for a calm researching of the facts.

Woody also made this comment:

"We're trying to win games and do the right thing. Truth, justice and the American way. We live by it, we really do," the Jets owner told reporters upon arriving at the NFL spring meeting.

And now we can brace ourselves for some terrible jokes from some of our favorite NFL comedians.