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New York Jets Flight Connections 05-20-13

Daily links to articles about the NFL's New York Jets.

USA TODAY Sports Geno Smith says that he's not naive.

New York Post: Geno says he was reprimanded for guaranteeing a playoff berth. Although I haven't seen quotes stating that. He said he has gotten in trouble, which I felt was referring to the media coverage.

NY Jets Draft: The case for Mark Sanchez as the starting quarterback. Smith has the advantage over Sanchez. David Garrard has struggled with long-rage passes.

The Jet Press: The evolution of Antonio Cromartie.

Star-Ledger: Antonio Allen hopes to lock down the starting safety spot.

The Jets Blog: Scouting John Griffin.

National Football Post: The Jets should keep the mouths shut and play hard-nosed football.

Bob_The_Friendly_Baker: A look at some past and current Jets in the form of playing cards. EJ Manuel said that the Buffalo Bills system is easier to learn than the Florida State offense.

ESPN New York: The Philadelphia Eagles have waived Miguel Maysonet. Something to do with him leg-dropping some fan or something? I don't know. I'm not really hip to the scene anymore.

National Football Post: Greg Schiano finally gets his man at quarterback.

Sports Illustrated: Eddie Lacy and Jonathan Franklin give the Green Bay Packers hope for a revived run game.

New York Times: The Miami Dolphins' stadium issues cloud their bid to host a Super Bowl.

Associated Press: A new NFL initiative is aimed toward involving women.