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New York Jets: Stephen Hill Says He Is Healthy

Nick Laham

Stephen Hill says he has totally recovered after a rookie season plagued by injuries.

This is very good news for the Jets. Hill is still very unrefined as a player so being able to work extra with the coaching staff during the offseason will help him learn some of the finer points of the game.

Hill is going to be a very important player for the 2013 Jets. He is probably the one player with gamebreaking potential just based on his size/speed combination. If he makes a big jump, it could transform the offense. Hill turning into a top end deep threat suddenly turns a shaky wide receiver position into a good one with Santonio Holmes becoming Robin to Hill's Batman and Jeremy Kerley working the slot.

That is probably too much to ask from Hill. A more realistic expectation might be an adequate 500-600 yards and becoming enough of a deep threat to at least draw the defense's attention.