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Geno Smith Talks at the Rookie Premiere

Chris Graythen

SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber is at the NFL Rookie Premiere, which is being attended by many Draft picks, including Jets quarterback Geno Smith. Geno talked about his first luxury purchase in the NFL.

A voice from behind a television camera on Thursday asked Smith if he had rewarded himself in the wake of the draft. A watch? A new car? His answer lacked the hoped-for banality.

"The playbook."

Click here to read the whole story. It also discusses how Geno fits with the team and in relation to the new offensive system.

Nothing we hear from Geno is going to be particularly meaningful. The only real takeaway is that he gave a good sounding answer, which means he might be able to handle the media well. That is a good thing considering the wave of negativity that hit in the days following the Jets' selection of him in the second round.