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Mike Goodson: Jets Have No Comment

Jim McIsaac

It does not seem like the Jets are in any hurry to make a move on Mike Goodson after his arrest.

Goodson is the third Jet to be charged with marijuana possession in the last two weeks, joining defensive end Claude Davis and cornerback Cliff Harris, who were both released by the team. The Jets have a bigger investment in Goodson, whom they signed to a three-year, $6.9 million free-agent contract in March. Goodson and Chris Ivory were expected to be the Jets’ top two running backs. In a statement, the Jets said they would have no comment until “the legal process has run its course.”

At this point, it is probably premature to make definitive statements on what the Jets should or should not do. We simply do not have all of the information necessary right now. Frequently, initial reports on incidents like this are either incomplete or incorrect. It is probably best to refrain from judgment until we have more answers