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Chris Ivory: Running Back Called a Breakout Offensive Player

Chris Graythen

Jason LaCanfora is naming offensive players he expects to break out in 2013, and Jets running back Chris Ivory is on the list.

It wasn't that long ago the Jets had one of the best running games in the NFL, and with their quarterback situation not being much better in the short term, they'll want to get back to the ground and pound as much as they can. Few run as hard as Ivory, and after being trapped in a deep New Orleans backfield, he is fired up to get to carry a normal load.

The limited duty with the Saints left plenty of tread on his tires even despite his violent running style, and with the Jets re-investing in their offensive line, I maintain there is enough talent still there to get the ground game going. Shonn Greene just didn't have what it takes to be an every-down back, and I expect New York's trade for Ivory to pay big dividends for new GM John Idzik, as well as fantasy owners who pick him up.

Ivory got a nice contract as part of the equation, Rex Ryan is going to fall in love with this kid, and Rex, with his job in the balance, won't let Marty Morninwheg get too carried away with pass-happy play-calling. Ivory, 25, has averaged more than 5 yards per carry in his career and has never carried the ball only 119 times the past two seasons, but won't be bottled up any longer.

I think the biggest question about Ivory is whether he can stay healthy. His violent running style is what makes him effective, but it has also led to extra hits resulting in injuries. If Ivory can avoid the injury bug, I think he has a chance to be extremely productive.