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New York Jets: Bradway, Bauer, and Prophett to Stay With the Team?


Mike Garafolo says there are a few holdovers who appear to be safe from the front office makeover the Jets are currently undergoing.

I think of the front office like I think of the roster. It is clear the group in place did not do the job well, which means big changes are in order. At the same time, there still likely are some people worth keeping around.

With that said, I am not sure how Terry Bradway is one of those people. For most in the front office, we do not really know their level of competency because we do not have knowledge of their day to day work. Bradway is different. We know his fingerprints are all over some of the worst moves the Jets have made in the last dozen years. It would be a major disappointment if he retained a senior position and major influence with this team.