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New York Jets May Hire Tim Ruskell

The New York Jets may have a new Director of Player Personnel.

It's been a busy day for GM John Idzik. First he let Scott Cohen and Ari Nissim go, and now he is rumored to be likely to hire Rod Graves. ProFootballTalk is also reporting he may hire Tim Ruskell as well.

Ruskell is a former Director of Player Personnel for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (he was there at the same time Idzik was as well) and helped lead them to their Super Bowl victory. He eventually moved to the Atlanta Falcons briefly before joining the Seattle Seahawks and helping lead them to Super Bowl XL before being forced to resign in 2009.

Again, we're seeing someone with extensive experience, and one that Idzik has a personal history with. I think the biggest question mark with Ruskell is if he can regain his ability to help select players, which he did extremely well earlier in his career. The past few years have been... questionable. Perhaps he'll revert to form with a fresh start and an old friend.