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New York Jets Expected To Hire Rod Graves

The former GM for the Arizona Cardinals may join the New York Jets.


Per Jason LaCanfora:

As Brian Costello and Manish Mehta have noted, GM John Idzik and Graves have known each other for a long time, working together while Idzik was with the Cardinals. In fact, they go back even longer than that, according to Costello.

As a former general manager, Graves has extensive experience with contract negotiations, salary cap management, and overseeing both the college and professional scouting departments, among other duties. Before serving as general manager, Graves was notably in charge of the Cardinals' scouting department. Most likely, he'll replace Scott Cohen as the new Assistant GM.

It should probably also be noted that:

Let's hope this isn't just a case of favoritism for an old buddy and Graves actually deserves the job. He may just be a case study in the Peter Principle at work, and will succeed at a lower level.