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Scott Cohen Will Not Return To The New York Jets

Mike Tannenbaum's right-hang man will not return.


According to Manish Mehta, the New York Jets will not extend Assistant-GM Scott Cohen's contract, who will therefore not return next year. The Mike Tannenbaum purging continues.

Cohen has been described as Tannenbaum's right hand man and was a contender for the GM spot that John Idzik ultimately won. The last remaining Tannenbaum-stalwart is Terry Bradway, whose fate has yet to be revealed.

It's always tough to know exactly what the front office personnel do and who is truly responsible for what, as an outside observer, but considering Cohen's reputation as a key player in the Tannenbaum-regime and Idzik's opportunity these past few months to observe him, it's just one of those things I'm willing to trust Idzik with. I'm not going to pretend that I'm excited anytime someone loses their jobs, but in Cohen's case, it certainly seems the team is better off without him.