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Notes From Rex Ryan's Press Conference: 5/11

Day two of Rookie minicamp is in the books and Rex has concluded his press conference.


My apologies if these notes are a little scattered however I was writing them while watching the conference:

  • Rex opened the conference sending his thoughts to the family of George Sauer who unfortunately recently passed away.
  • Was impressed with Geno Smith. Said that on one player Geno recognized a broken coverage on defense and checked to another play to expose that. The thing is, they had no checked plays in the playbook for him so that was completely on his shoulders. Rex said he appreciated the awareness that Geno possessed.
  • He added that he thought that Geno made some really nice throws today. Was 7-8 in completions.
  • Also said he was impressed with the offensive line units and their willingness to "finish" a play.
  • At one stage the defense only had 10 players, wouldn't name the player who was missing on the field but said we may not see him after tomorrow. No excuses, need to be ready to go.
  • Rex also mentioned that Sheldon Richardson and Troy Davis stood out.
  • Said that he is getting more hands on with the defense like he was doing when he first got here. Taking charge of the walk through, but that is not a slight on new Defensive Coordinator Dennis Thurman's ability.
  • All three of the draft picks on the offensive line looks good, a much better unit than last year. Also spoke fondly of Clemson center Dalton Freeman for the 2nd day in a row.
  • You know what you are going to get with Brian Winters, and he'll look even better when you throw pads on him and he can start throwing people around.
  • William Campbell is the player interesting him, said he is surprised that Campbell is not making mistakes, and that he looks like he has been playing guard all his life.
  • Guards are much more athletic, which is good as they are adding perimeter runs to the offence.
  • Asked why we held rookie camp a week later this year, Rex simply said that it made sense for them to come here and stay here. No point them coming, then going home and then coming back.
  • Has a lot of confidence in Marty which will allow him to spend more time on the defense.
  • Said that Coples has all the tools to be the best player on the field and that he expects a lot from him. Doesn't care that all Jets fans now know the expectations for Quinton.
  • Rontez Miles is playing real aggressive, coaches have to keep reminding him they are not hitting right now. Rex said he loves that mindset. Said he doesn't like his tattoo however, but it could be worse - it could be a Patriots one.
  • Said that it is true that there is a better chance for more UDFA's to make the team this year than ever before. Also put out a stat (I don't know if it is true) which states that more UDFA's have 10+ year careers in the NFL than 1st round selections. Interesting.