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Rookie Minicamp Kicks Off

We are into the next stage of the off-season as our draft picks and UDFA's arrive and get to practice.


Here are just a few notes from the first practice today, it may be a little all over the place as I take key bits of info from different sources.

First of all, the rookies have received their initial numbers:

27- Dee Milliner

91- Sheldon Richardson

7- Geno Smith

67- Brian Winters

75- Oday Aboushi

65- Will Campbell

40- Tommy Bohanon

Players arrived at the facility yesterday afternoon. They then had a physical with a team doctor, closely followed to the equipment room to pick up jerseys and pads. They then went through to the weightroom, a chat with the director of player development and then onto a quick chat with the media relations team (very important). Last stop is with team photographer for a few head shots. This morning they had breakfast together and a team talk with Rex Ryan before their first practice as a team.

Geno Smith said he isn't focused on finding a new agent right now, doesn't mind the criticism and spent last night in his hotel room with the offensive lineman going through plays.

Dee Milliner was cycling off to the side as they ease him back in after his injury.

Brian Winters was taking snaps at LG and William Campbell was taking snaps at RG. So the converted defensive lineman William Campbell took Brandon Moore's (another defensive line conversion) number and was practicing at his spot (RG). Jets hoping to catch lightning in a bottle again.

Nobody in the media agreed with the numbers on Geno, and with his first practice it really doesn't matter. He gave himself an F (he is notoriously harsh on himself), however others said he progressed through his reads well and delivered the ball well. A couple of footwork errors and one mis-read.

If a player drops a pass that he should have caught, Marty Mornhinweg makes them run the play continuously until they get it. Harsh but fair!