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Jets Reportedly Sign 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th round selections

Wasting no time completing the formalities, the Jets pen 4 draft picks into contracts.


Ever since the rookie wage scale came in for draft selections, signing your picks has become a lot easier.

The Jets have already signed four of their own.

3rd round selection Brian Winters signed a 4 year deal worth roughly $2.8 million.

7th round selection Tommy Bohanon signed a 4 year deal worth roughly $2.2 million

5th round selection Oday Aboushi and 6th round selection William Campbell have both agreed to 4 year deals with the amount not being known right now.

These are all reported deals without confirmation from the team, figures and years based on information passed to Conor Orr by someone with knowledge of the situation who requested anonymity.