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Jets Interested in Karlos Dansby?

Marc Serota

Edit: Scratch this off the list. Dansby re-signed with the Cardinals.

The Jets have apparently joined the running for former Dolphins inside linebacker Karlos Dansby.

It turns out the Buffalo Bills are not the only AFC East team pursuing the former Miami Dolphins' starter. According to Dansby, the New York Jets are also a team interested in his services.

I'm not really seeing how this is possible. As we have discussed recently, the Jets do not really have money to spend since just about all of their remaining cap space will either need to be used to sign Draft picks or go to a rainy day fund to address in season signings replacing injured players.

Dansby is still a high level player who will probably command a contract of a decent size. He had 131 tackles last year. Pro Football Focus said he had the sixth highest "stop" rate against the run at his position, which is essentially the frequency with which he blew up run plays. He was also their fourteenth most efficient tackler at inside linebacker. His production in coverage has slipped. He was a below average cover guy, but the Jets need help against the run. He would be a very good fit. I just don't see how it would be feasible.

This also is not a vote of confidence for Demario Davis.