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A Fond Farewell To Revis Island

Goodbye Darrelle. We'll likely never cross paths with the likes of you again.

Jim McIsaac

We here at GGN have had countless discussions/arguments/feuds regarding Darrelle Revis. His greatness, his worth, his trade status, his money demands, his holdouts -- Darrelle has provided a seemingly endless source of discussion and controversy. The on again off again Trade spawned endless posts arguing over fair value, whether a trade should even be considered, whether Revis was a diva, and on and on. And then, it happened. And the Jets got a couple of draft picks. And Jets fans seemingly overnight just moved on.

I think this is unfortunate. Love him or hate him, whether you think he's worth $16 million or you couldn't wait to send him packing, Darrelle Revis is to this day the one and only New York Jet ever to be in the conversation for the greatest ever at his position. For all the greatness of Namath and Maynard, Riggins and Klecko, Revis stands alone as deserving of the discussion -- was he the best ever? I have been watching Jets football for half a century now, and Darrelle Revis is without a doubt the greatest talent ever to don the Green and White. There is a pretty good chance that every single current member of GGN will go the rest of their lifetimes without ever again seeing such a singular talent grace a Jets uniform. So I thought it was fitting to take a moment to bid Darrelle a fond farewell. We were so very lucky to see you at the peak of your sublime talent Darrelle. Thanks for the memories. It was a privilege watching you perform.

Darrelle Revis Highlights (via smmchrs)