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Stop The Presses: The New York Jets Are Doing Something Right

The Jets are winning the battle of public perception and trade leverage.


People, something is happening that I never would have expected.

The New York Jets are #winning in the trade for Darrelle Revis with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Or, at the very least, they're winning in the public perception of their leverage over the Buccaneers.

Early on, we heard that the Jets would be extremely fortunate to get a first rounder. Then we heard the Buccaneers would consider a 2014 first, but definitely not a 2013 first. Now, according to ProFootballTalk, the Buccaneers are willing to fork over a 2013 first round selection, the #13 overall pick.

Yes, please.

Let's assume for a moment that everything we've heard thus far on what the Buccaneers are willing to offer is, on its face, true. Somehow, John Idzik is getting the Buccaneers to bid against themselves and continually increase their offer. There are a lot of people that, every time one of these reports comes out, has said, "TAKE THE DEAL BEFORE THEY WALK AWAY FROM THE TABLE!" Well, so far Idzik has, assuming this is all true, gotten the Buccaneers from dealing a range of mid-round picks to potentially at least a 2013 first rounder, which the Buccaneers were originally vehemently opposed to doing. So although nothing is official yet, let's just take a deep breath and let this play out. At the very least, Idzik is winning the war of public perception, and more likely, winning actual leverage on the negotiation table.

Could a Hershel Walker-type trade be in play? Let's hope so, folks.