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2013 NFL Draft: E.J. Manuel to Visit Jets


The search for the quarterback of the future continues as Manish Mehta reports Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel will be visiting Florham Park.

Manuel might have the best raw physical tools of any quarterback in the Draft. Like many of the other quarterbacks in the Draft, opinions are very mixed on him. I have seen some people suggest he could sneak into the first round. Others view him as a third day prospect.

Manuel's numbers in college were very good. He completed 68% of his passes his senior year. Paired with his physical ability, that bodes well. There are some question marks surrounding him. He played a miserable game against Florida. It seemed like the Florida defensive concepts made his head spin. Some view that as significant since the bulk of his schedule was played against far weaker ACC competition. Manuel also played in a simplistic single read offense. His accuracy might have been a bit deceiving too. He generally was not making anticipation throws and delivering them with the kind of pinpoint placement that generate big plays on the next level.

You can see why Manuel is an intriguing and polarizing prospect. Some think he is the next great duel threat quarterback. Others think he won't be able to function in the NFL. The team he goes to and the surroundings he is put into as a young quarterback might have a lot to do with how he turns out.