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Jets to Make Revis Attend Workouts to Collect Bonus

Robert Laberge

Cimini reports the Jets are making Darrelle Revis attend workouts in April to collect bonus money as mandated in his contract.

Another storm has developed between Darrelle Revis and the New York Jets. This time, the issue is the offseason conditioning program, which begins April 15.

Even though they may trade him before or during the April 25 draft, the Jets plan to enforce language in the star cornerback's contract that requires him to participate in the voluntary workouts to collect bonus money, sources said.


But, barring a change of heart, Revis is expected to fly to New Jersey for the start of the conditioning program. He won't be thrilled, but he has $3 million riding on it.

I'm not sure why Revis would be allowed to skip these workouts. He is still Jets property until he is traded. If his contract dictates that he needs to show up to collect his money, he has to show up to collect his money.