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Tim Tebow: No Teams Have Shown Interest Yet

Rick Stewart

Florio reports the Jets have not heard from anybody yet regarding Tim Tebow.

For now, no one has shown interest in the man who remains a member of the Jets’ roster.

There is no real rush to move on Tebow at the moment. It is not like keeping him on the roster in April is going to do any harm to the team. Tebow will eventually either be cut or traded before 2013. It does not really matter when. The Jets might as well sit around a bit in case somebody becomes interested. Florio speculates the Rams might be one such team.

One team to watch is the Rams, for two reasons. Last year, the Rams were expected to make a run at Tebow after a snag emerged in trade talks between the Broncos and Jets. Also, with 25 percent of the Rams’ schedule including the 49ers and Seahawks (along with games against the Titans and Panthers), it makes sense to have a mobile quarterback who can run the scout team.

A third reason is they have an offensive coordinator who would love to have both a throwing quarterback and a running quarterback because of all of the possibilities it would open up to overthink things and stall his offense.

I think the real challenge the Jets will have in moving Tebow is twofold. The first is how the entire league knows Tebow will be cut if he isn't traded. Why give up a Draft pick for a guy who will be available soon anyway as a free agent? The second is the distraction Tebow causes for the minimal expected value he provides. It is the kind of thing the Jets should have considered before they made the trade. A lot of teams are not going to want to deal with all of the headaches Tebow's presence causes for a backup quarterback and gadget player.