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Revis Trade Rumors: Corner "Not Optimistic" About a Trade to Tampa Bay

Andrew Burton

There is an NFL Network report this morning that cornerback Darrelle Revis is "not optimistic" he will be traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Why is this noteworthy? I'm really not sure. Revis holds control of his own destiny to a degree. In order for a trade to go through, he will presumably need to agree to a contract extension, or the team trading for him would probably demand that the Jets drop their price considerably. Ultimately, though, he is a player under contract. He isn't the one who will negotiate a trade.

It has been widely reported that the Jets have kept him in the dark through this process. He has done his best to force the issue, but the Jets are not rushing despite the pressure the players and writers sympathetic to Revis have tried to apply. Whether Revis thinks a trade will go through isn't terribly consequential.

A lot is being made about this report, but I'm not seeing where there is anything of note. It just seems like things are going slowly so people are grasping for news.