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Jets Flight Connections 04-06-13

Daily links to articles about the NFL's New York Jets.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Sports Illustrated: Top ranking of newly relocated backup QBs. Check out if David Garrard made the list.

Newsday: Darrelle Revis is not optimistic about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade. Well, you can always be a spy on .J. Watt.

AFC East Blog: The New York Jets and Revis are past the point of no return.

The Jets Blog: "Ask Me Anything" with Eric Crocker.

Seattle Times: The Seattle Seahawks are not likely to pursue Tim Tebow.

John Holt: Candidates for the Jets' QB depth chart. Jets offensive draft needs. Jets defensive draft needs. Jumbo Elliott brings laughter to the BFT.

Baltimore Sun: Brendon Ayanbadejo says that the Baltimore Ravens did the right thing. Funny how all the other outlets say he got bamboozled by getting cut on the 25th hour. (Sorry, that's all the Spike Lee references I could make.)

OSN: NFL players support player coming out and getting absolutely obliterated during games.

Pro Football Talk: Tony Gonzalez says that he's 100 percent sure that 2013 is his last year.

Associated Press: Jason Hanson is retiring after 21 seasons. Aaron Ross says that his Jacksonville Jaguars stint was a vacation.

Dallas News: DeMarcus Ware says that it's put up or shut up for Tony Romo.

Blogging the Boys: Do the Dallas Cowboys need to get more attitude on the offensive line?

New York Times: Chuck Fairbanks dies at 79.

Over the Cap: Drafting decisions and the salary cap.

The Football Educator: Coaching candidates, scouting pundits and free agent contracts from an NFL front office perspective. The NFL players association pitches a Pro Bowl draft.

Tebow to the 'Hawks? Not bloody likely!: