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Football Outsiders on the New York Jets


Football Outsiders has a very informative article out on the current state of the Jets roster.

In 2012, the Jets showed what happens when you take a quarterback with ordinary arm strength, inconsistent mechanics, and mediocre pocket savvy, supply him with a group of running backs who don’t have a ton of speed and a lackluster collection of receivers who can’t beat man coverage, put them all in a system that’s not particularly well thought-out, and tie it all together with an iffy offensive line. This season is about the Jets beginning their long road to recovery.

They go on to break the team down position by position along with analysis at each spot. People who follow the team closely will not be surprised by any assessment they make (with apologies to the Nick Folk Fan Club). It does provide a very good overview of where we currently are as we head to the Draft in a few weeks.