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2013 NFL Preseason Schedule: Jets Get Their Opponents


The NFL released its preseason schedule today. The Jets do not get any games on national television so you are out of luck if you live outside the local area. You will have to get the package on that allows you to watch out of market games.

The Jets play at Detroit the first week.

The Jets host Jacksonville the second week.

The Jets play the Giants the third week as tradition dictates. The Giants will technically be the home team for the game at MetLife Stadium.

The Jets host the Eagles in the Backup Bowl, the preseason finale as tradition dictates.

The exact dates and times of these games will be announced at a later date. So will the regular season schedule. The Jets will face the Bills, Dolphins, and Patriots both at home and on the road in the regular season. There will also be home games against the Browns, Steelers, Raiders, Saints, and Buccaneers and road games against the Ravens, Bengals, Titans, Falcons, and Panthers.