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New York Jets Draft Visit Status

Harry How

Conor Orr has compiled a list of prospects the Jets have invited to visit Florham Park. Every team can invite thirty non-local prospects for a visit. They are also allowed to work out players with local ties who do not count on the list. Rather than rip Orr's work off, I encourage you to click this link to see the names we know so far.

So far, Dion Jordan is the only first round prospect we know is visiting with the Jets. That does not mean a tremendous amount, though, since only six of the thirty spots are known so far. Presumably many of the other top prospects will be coming to Florham Park.

There is not a ton to draw from something like this, but it is interesting to note the Jets have four running backs (one non-local, three local) visiting. Only time will tell whether that actually means anything.