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A Day In The Life Of The Jets: News Summary

Are the Jets trying to turn around this media bias against them?

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

It seemed that every time I visited Twitter today, I was seeing quote after quote from either Idzik or Ryan who did no less than 5 interviews between them today as well as a conference call with season ticket holders. Now that is quite impressive, then again the Jets have been busy and they needed to summarize everything that has been going on with the team:

So because each of these do not warrant a full article (well we may cover them in detail soon) but more because it's gone midnight here, I've put together a quick summary to ensure anyone who has been hard at work today, doesn't miss the talking points. I hope you find this useful.

  • Geno Smith did fire his agents today, and despite early speculation he confirmed that it was not due to one event, likely referring to rumors he fired his agents because he dropped in the draft.
  • Could Braylon Edwards be making another return with the Jets, when pressed on the issue John Idzik confirmed that he knew Edwards very well (spent time together in Seattle) and guys like that would be under consideration going forward as the Jets look to improve depth.
  • Rex Ryan admitted that the team completely misused Tim Tebow's skill set.
  • Tebow did clear waivers and is now a free agent, which means the Jets will now have to pay the Broncos $1.53 million under the original agreement
  • Idzik was pushed about Rex Ryan's contract situation, being asked if he got an extension - he declined to comment on contracts in an interview.
  • Idzik said he would let performance dictate Rex Ryans job situation.
  • The new GM also confirmed that he was not specifically told he had to trade Revis when taking the job.
  • Idzik also denied that he ever lied to Revis regarding the trade of the superstar cornerback.
  • Rex Ryan admitted that Coples could be used as an edge player with Wilkerson and Richardson pushed inside.
  • Chris Ivory signed a 3 year $6 million contract with a $2.25 million signing bonus.
  • RG Stephen Peterman signed a one year $905,000 contract with a $65,000 signing bonus
  • OLB Richie Kazazian from Wingate University will attend Jets Minicamp.
  • The Jets waived three players today, DJ Young (DT), Cliff Harris (DB) and Claude Davis (LB)