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2013 NFL Draft: Jets Interested in Ryan Nassib?

Otto Greule Jr

Florio says the Jets have looked hard at Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Jets have shown considerable interest in Nassib, both during the season (when Mike Tannenbaum was the General Manager) and after the season (when John Idzik got the job).

The Jets, we’re told, scouted Nassib aggressively during his final season at Syracuse, and they spent extra time with him after his Pro Day workout, including taking him to dinner.

As we all know, Nassib was coached in college by current Bills head coach Doug Marrone. That might mean something, but I think people who assume the Bills are taking Nassib are jumping to conclusions. Just because Marrone coached him in college does not necessarily mean he thinks Nassib has huge upside or that he will not like another quarterback better.

For what it is worth, the Bills pick before the Jets in the first round, and the Jets pick before the Bills in the second round. Perhaps we will see one division rival try to leap frog the other.