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Jets Reportedly Release Tim Tebow

Jets Cut Tim Tebow

Jeff Zelevansky

The day GGN users have been waiting for has finally come. The Tim Tebow era in NY has come to an end. I foresee this being a celebration thread as much as a news break. All is said and done, and very few PSL's or hot dogs were sold this year.

Per Brian Costello, Jets beat writer for the NY Post, Tim Tebow has been released by the New York Jets.

This move surprises literally not a single person. The writing has been on the wall since halfway into last season and reports bubbled to the surface over draft weekend that Tebow would be released today. Well, Tim Tebow was released today.

Tebow's release comes after a grueling down year for both the team and the polarizing passer after a season where the young QB contributed nothing but negative media coverage to the team. Blame can be passed around to whoever you see fit, the bottom line is the Jets traded for Tebow and never utilized him. I'm not usually one to buy into locker room distractions, but Tebow's presence hurt the team, arguably through little fault of his own beyond his cult of personality.

The upshot on Tim Tebow? 141 all purpose yards through the air and on the ground (but mostly on the ground).

The move to release Tim Tebow suggests that Mark Sanchez may indeed last at least until training camp and that Rex Ryan was being truthful about Sanchez getting the first snaps in the open QB competition. Still, the Jets are not beholden to Sanchez for any reason besides his ridiculous salary, so stay tuned for developments on that front.

Tebow lacks a likely landing spot now that he has been released by the Jets. Tebow's most popular supposed suitor in the court of public opinion are the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have publicly spurned the thought of acquiring Tebow through any method, even free agency. If Tebow has any future in professional football at all, he may have to take his unique talents(?) to the Canadian Football League.

Share your thoughts (a.k.a. celebrate) on the departure of Tim Tebow below. Keep it clean and relatively classy. Scott Salmon and I would like to leave you with this Tim Tebow send off. Thanks for the memories, Tim!