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My Thoughts On Our QB Situation

The dust from the draft is still settling. My initial feelings have subsided, and I am left with thoughts of clarity. I hope this makes as much sense to you guys as it does to me.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Before the draft, you couldn't find someone more opposed to drafting a QB, than me. I believed every QB this year, was a project. I still believe this. Next year's draft has so much promise, when it comes to the QB position. Passing on a passer this year, and grabbing someone next year was the only path I was in favor with. Once our 2nd round pick came around, I muttered "don't take a QB" repeatedly. Hearing my boy Wayne say Geno's name made me turn off the TV. Since then, I have had time to think about all of this, and I have changed my tune.

I started diagnosing everything from stats to our other QBs. Geno was one of the most accurate QBs in college football last year, This is something Sanchez could never get down. I know most of Geno's production came on short to mid ranged passes, but that could works well for a Marty Mornhinweg, West coast offense. Plus, Sanchez couldn't seem to even complete those short passes. Smith will need to improve his downfield passing, but that will come. Only about 28% of his passes went 11 yards or more. This is what makes him a project. I believe Holmes and Kerley could be Geno's Austin and Bailey.

One thing that is very important when looking at our Geno pick, is where we took him. We did not take him at 9, or even 13. By taking Smith in the 2nd round, the immense pressure of taking a QB is gone. With Sanchez, there was so much pressure to make him the day 1 starter, it didn't matter if he was ready or not. It's not like we had anyone better to compete with him anyway. Rushing Mark into the starting position was probably the worst thing we could have done to him and the team. There is no rush when it comes to starting Geno. We have 3 QBs on the team that want that job as much as he does. He will need to prove he deserves it, before he gets it. The best thing for Geno might be sitting for a while behind either Sanchez or Geno.

I do still think that next year's QBs will be much better than this year's. I know no one is giving us much of a chance to succeed this year, but I can guarantee the people on this team won't be thinking that, They are going to be giving it their all every game. This team seems to do better when no one gives them a chance. Either way, there is no guarantee we will be in a position to draft one of the better QBs next year. I can see them flying off the board early. The future is uncertain, but right now we have a prospect that could be exactly what we need with some growth. If we are in a position to take a top QB, we can take him with not much of a conflict. It's not like we took Geno in the 1st. With the rookie wage scale being what it is, we won't be paying him crazy money either.

Of course, Geno isn't our only QB. I think Sanchez is an interesting prospect coming into this year. As sick as I am with him, there is a potential for a rebirth. Mark finally has REAL competition. Clemens, and Tebow really don't count. This year, Mark really needs to earn the job to keep it. Competition aside, Mornhiweg's offense could be exactly what Mark needs to succeed. If Mark shows signs of being reborn in camp, and in preseason, I don't see why we shouldn't let him prove it wasn't an aberration. If Mark doesn't win the job, I feel he should be cut or traded. To keep him around holding a clipboard, would be a huge distraction.

Then there is David Garrard. I believe, if healthy, Garrard is our best option in week 1. He showed great promise last year, before his injury. His accuracy is well above Mark's, and has the NFL experience to go along with it. I know no one is really talking about Garrard, but maybe we should. If Sanchez flops, and Geno shows promise, but isn't ready yet, Davis has to be the guy. As I said above, putting Geno in before he is ready could be horrible.