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Geno Smith In GIFs!

With our shiny new quarterback, oh the places we'll go!

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

When the New York Jets drafted Geno Smith, I know some of you were like:


After all, the last quarterback buttfumbled, and this guy is like:


But to all the non-believers, I'm like:


I mean, the last quarterback couldn't even hit wide open receivers, and Geno's like:

And, believe it or not, he can actually look off receivers and hit checkdowns like:

And he can keep a play alive by being all mobile-like:

He'll be able to hit Santonio Holmes in the end zone like:

Don't forget how tough he is! Even when he literally loses his head he's like:

And he can bomb it deep where only the receiver can get it like:

If he has to spend time on the bench, he's a really good artist and can draw in the clipboard like:

And now he's one of us!