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Jets Draft Results: Rookie Starter Power Rankings


With the Draft in the books, it is now time to sort out where everybody fits on the team. Below are power rankings determining which rookie has the best chance to be in the starting lineup.

1. Tommy Bohanon

Oddly, the last pick the Jets made probably has the best chance to start. Fullback is one of the few positions where the odds are good of getting a quality starter in the late rounds. Bohahon is said to be able to block, catch, and run the ball effectively. If he can do any one of those things, he'll be a better option than Lex Hilliard.

2. Geno Smith

Unless he looks totally overwhelmed in training camp and the preseason, Geno Smith is probably going to be the starting quarterback. What would the point be of having somebody like David Garrard or Greg McElroy start? Most of us have had enough of Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. The Jets might as well start to find out what we have in Geno and let him learn on the job.

3. Brian Winters

To crack the starting lineup, Winters just has to beat out Vladimir Ducasse and Steven Peterson. That doesn't sound very daunting.

4. Oday Aboushi

Winters probably has the inside track over Aboushi because he went in the third round while Aboushi went in the fifth. Given the huge injury risk Willie Colon is, that could be Aboushi's ticket into the starting lineup.

5. Dee Milliner

I think the Jets would love for him to take on a lot of playing time as a rookie, but I'm not sure he breaks camp as a starter. He would have to unseat a current occupant on a unit that was strong in coverage. The rookie might have to wait his turn. Cornerbacks can have a tough transition into the NFL anyway. Another University of Alabama product, Kareem Jackson has turned into an excellent starter for the Texans, but he might have been the worst cornerback in the league during his rookie season. The speed, size, and strength of NFL wide receivers frequently creates an adjustment period.

6. Sheldon Richardson

I'm not sure Richardson would make a huge impact his rookie year even if he didn't have two young studs in front of him. His technique needs some work, and he plays at a position where it typically takes at least a year of adjustment to play well at the NFL level. Since the Jets have Muhammad Wilkerson and Quinton Coples, they can bring Richardson along slowly at his own pace. I think he might see some time on pass rushing downs.

7. William Campbell

I don't want to act like a sixth round pick is the end of the world or that there was a lot of premium talent around, but the further removed we get from this pick, the more it puzzles me. The Jets are trying to take a failed college defensive lineman and turn him into a quality NFL offensive lineman. If there was a league higher than the NFL, that would be like a team taking Vernon Gholston and trying to turn him into a tight end. On top of this, his college team already tried to put him on the offensive line, and declared the attempt a failure. Surely the Jets could have found somebody with more upside who would have had a better chance to make the roster and register an impact. Forget about starting. I'd be shocked if Campbell wasn't headed for the practice squad.