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New York Jets: Would a Day Three Quarterback Be a Bad Thing?

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Let me pose a question. Could the Jets take another quarterback today on the third day of the NFL Draft? It might sound silly on the surface. They took Geno Smith in the second round yesterday. Why would they take another quarterback?

I say it's simple. Quarterback is the most important position on the field. Most teams don't have one good quarterback. A handful of lucky teams have two. Look at the Washington Redskins last year. They were panned for taking Kirk Cousins in the fourth round after taking Robert Griffin III with the second pick. As it turns out, RG 3 got hurt, and Cousins saved the season of the eventual NFC East Champions delivering wins against the Ravens and the Browns. Now Cousins will serve as an insurance policy in case the injured RG 3 isn't ready to go on Opening Day. In a few years, Washington might be able to flip Cousins off to another team and net a profit on the fourth round pick they invested.

Another quarterback also would create competition for Geno. Let's be honest. Geno is no lock to succeed. Another quarterback gives you another shot at finding your guy.

This isn't to say the Jets should take a quarterback no matter what. On the last day, it is all about finding good players. If the Jets have an available quarterback graded highly in the seventh round and see nobody at another position they believe can develop into a good player, why not pull the trigger? I'm sure ESPN would go nuts screaming, "Seven quarterbacks!" We all know five of them aren't any good and at least two would not make it to training camp.