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Chris Ivory: Running Back Traded to Jets

Chris Graythen

The Jets have acquired running back Chris Ivory from the Saints for the fourth round pick in the Draft, the 107th overall.

Ivory has 1,307 yards on 256 career carries, a robust 5.1 average along with 8 touchdowns. He has a violent running style. He can get through arm tackles and make people miss. He also has nice vision. He's a good back. This is the kind of running back I can get behind acquiring, somebody who is young (25 years old) and talented with little wear and tear on his body. Ivory has been buried on New Orleans' depth chart much of his career as the Saints have depth at his position.

Ivory also has few carries because he is injury-prone. That is a concern. So is his lack of receiving ability. The Jets are moving to an offense where the backs typically are asked to catch the ball. Ivory has 3 career receptions despite playing in a dream offense for receiving backs.

I can live with this, though. The Jets have backs behind Ivory who can in theory pick up the slack catching the ball. They need somebody who can pick up yardage running between the tackles. Ivory can do that well.

I regret the fourth round pick a bit. There are some good looking playmakers the Jets could have gotten with that pick. A fifth round pick would be better. It seems like the Jets completely lost the negotiation. They originally offered a sixth round pick. The Saints countered with a fourth. They ended up not having to move at all.

Again, though, I can live with it.