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NFL Draft Results: An Insider Look at Geno Smith


SB Nation's West Virginia University blog The Smoking Musket provides a scouting report on new Jets quarterback Geno Smith by some of the people who followed his college career the closest.

Geno Smith throws a beautiful deep ball and has adequate arm strength to make all the throws in the NFL. He has above average mobility, but runs to extend the play until someone comes open. He has above average speed for an NFL quarterback and showed the ability to extend drives with his feet when needed. He generally shows great poise under pressure and doesn’t give up on a play or the game until it’s over.

Click the link above to see more. What I find most promising about Geno is he was deadly accurate in college. Yes, his offense throws a lot of screens, but even accounting for them he owned above average accuracy on short and intermediate throws. His precision fits well in a West Coast Offense.