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New York Jets to Consider Releasing Mark Sanchez

Andrew Burton

Adam Schefter reports the Jets will consider releasing Mark Sanchez after the selection of Geno Smith in the second round.

It only makes sense. If the Jets cut Sanchez after June 1, it has the same salary cap implications as letting him play out the 2013 season. Without Geno around, it would make sense to give Sanchez one last try. No other attractive options were in house, and they were paying him either way.

With Geno, there is no reason to have Sanchez around. The team has shown it does not consider Sanchez as part of the future. David Garrard is around to be the veteran mentor and caretaker quarterback if Geno is not ready to play. It's not a fun situation for Sanchez, who has become a deeply unpopular player. It isn't fair to Geno to have to look over his shoulder at the former quarterback of the future who had a degree of success with the team and has earned the loyalty of some key figures on the team.

I expect Sanchez to be cut before camp, and that is the right move.