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NFL Draft Results: Jets Take Geno Smith With the 39th Pick

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Chris Graythen

The Jets have a new quarterback of the future. Gang Green used the 39th pick on West Virginia signal caller Geno Smith, who surprisingly fell out of the first round yesterday. The front office showed good restraint as they did not need to trade up to land him. The Jets retain their full collection of picks tonight and tomorrow.

Simply put, this was the pick the Jets had to make. This is a team full of holes, but there was none bigger than quarterback, and Geno had the best remaining combination of physical tools and production. There are some questions about the system he played in that doesn't really prepare you to make NFL reads and some suspect games against good competition. You might not want to use a top fifteen pick on a player like that. Using a pick that high is a big commitment. It means you are married to a guy for years. A second round pick is a small commitment for a quarterback. It means you will see how he does and possibly adjust next year.

Sure, the 2014 quarterback class looks good now, but who knows how things will look in a year? This time last year Matt Barkley was a lock to be the top pick. Things could change for this year's class. At any rate that doesn't deal with how the Jets will do at the quarterback position this year. If Geno looks like the answer, the Jets can address something else next year and not have to worry about getting into position for a quarterback. If Geno does not pan out, this pick does not preclude them from making a move next year for a quarterback.

You need a good quarterback to win in the NFL. Geno gives the Jets a chance to have a good quarterback. For the first time, it feels like there is actually a path to respectability in 2013. To have a good quarterback, you have to make a move for one sometime. This pick was the right mix of upside and low risk.

Mark Sanchez's days as a Jet are likely numbered.