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My Thoughts On The First Round

With the first round of the NFL draft in the books, I give you my thoughts on the Jets selections.

Al Bello

Going into the first round, in my head I had the following needs for the Jets team: QB/OG/S/OLB/TE, these were the priority areas for me. One level down came RB/OT/WR and then the rest I thought we could handle through the season or pick up depth at the end of the draft.

I had always planned to write this article this morning, and I was looking forward to being able to scrub a couple of needs off the board. Personally hoping that I could downgrade OG and OLB, because we had covered the positions with two first round selections - very valuable.

However going into round two, the needs for the New York Jets football team remain, QB/OG/S/OLB/TE as high priority and RB/OT/WR as medium priority. Although granted we no longer need the depth on the defensive line or at cornerback.

Let me just say that I have no problem with either Dee Milliner or Sheldon RIchardson. Both are good player who could be great, similar to most first round selections. However Richardson is coming into a crowded line like John pointed out, and Milliner is in the unfortunate position that he will always be compared to Revis after replacing him immediately. I will have extensive draft profiles up on each prospect next week, but my instant thoughts remain "Did we get better as a football team?" at the moment my answer would be no.

However the saving grace for the New York Jets is that this draft is extremely deep. There is still a lot of talent at OG/S/TE/WR to be had in rounds 2, 3, 4 and 5. So I'll judge the outcome of the draft based on all seven selections. I wasn't booing the selections but I certainly wasn't cheering them either. I saw a lot of teams get better last night, I just don't think we were one of them.

Tonight is a big night as there is a lot of talent remaining on the board. If Geno is there do you take him in the 2nd? I know I would. Nassib is still there, however how interested the Jets really are? nobody knows! You still have Kelce on the board, you still have John Cyprien on the board, Larry Warford is still there at the guard position, GIovani Bernard and Ed Lacy are still there. There is a lot of talent to be had on this board. However as John wrote last night, you need to have some kind of flexibility between best player available and filling a need. If the Jets hope to compete, they need to have a more rounded team, to get a more rounded team they need to start filling needs.