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2013 NFL Draft: New York Jets Select Dee Milliner With the 9th Pick

Chris Graythen

The Jets used the 9th pick in the Draft on Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner. Milliner will presumably be counted in to replace Darrelle Revis.

My early thoughts are as follows:

In a micro sense, Milliner is a really good prospect. He has a chance to become a really good cornerback. He is a good fit for the system, a very physical guy who will do well in press man coverage. He does have kind of a scary injury history, though, that includes five different surgeries. Players don't become less injury prone or less affected by past injuries as they age. He's a young guy to be so banged up.

In a macro sense, this just further confirms the idea that the Jets don't have any coherent vision for building this team. They traded the best cornerback in the league. This opened up such a hole that they felt compelled to use their most valuable asset to take a player that one day they hope might be 80% as good. If there's logic behind the way the Jets are operating, they are doing a heck of a job hiding it.

Another problem here is even really good cornerbacks usually struggle a ton as rookies. Milliner will be compared to Revis on day one. Again, the Jets traded the best cornerback in the league and used their most valuable resource to replace him.