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2013 NFL Draft First Round Open Thread

Chris Chambers

Tonight we kick off the 2013 NFL Draft. It will hopefully be the first step on the Jets' quest to rebuild their roster and give it a sorely needed infusion of talent. The Jets have their own 9th pick and Tampa Bay's 13th pick from the Darrelle Revis trade so there is ammo to add two high quality starters. They also might trade up to increase quality or trade down to increase quantity.

It is tough to tell exactly where the Jets will go. They have so many holes on the roster that there are numerous directions they could go. Adding to the intrigue, this is the first Draft for new general manager John Idzik. People might guess, but nobody really knows for sure exactly what Idzik's Draft philosophies are. We will begin to find out shortly.

We will be providing updates throughout the night, but use this as an open thread to kick off the evening.