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NFL Draft Rumors: Teams Might Trade Ahead of Jets for Tavon Austin

Al Messerschmidt

There are apparently teams so convinced the Jets want Tavon Austin at 9 that they think the only way to land him is to trade in front of the Jets.'s Jeff Darlington spoke with two teams Thursday that believe they'll have to hopscotch the New York Jets with the NFL draft's No. 9 pick for a chance to land this year's most dynamic playmaker.

That alone might not do it. The Buffalo Bills, at No. 8 overall, have ranked Austin as the top player on their draft board, according to's Ian Rapoport. The Bills haven't decided to use their pick on him yet, per Darlington, but Buffalo's bona fide interest this electric receiver changes the game.

What is interesting is the three other teams with a pair of picks in the top 34 (ammo for trading up), the Rams, Vikings, and 49ers all have been linked to Austin to some extent.

Gamebreaking players are a sought after commodity in the NFL so we could see a bold move for Austin.