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NFL Draft Rumors: Jets Unlikely to Take Tyler Eifert at 9 or 13

Jonathan Daniel

Manish Mehta indicates the Jets are unlikely to take Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert in the first round unless they trade down.

So I guess you can expect them to take Eifert at 13 since the last 24 hours are full of smokescreens.

I'm hoping this is true. I'm also in the boat that likes Eifert but not at 13. He should be a quality tight end, but picks 9 and 13 need to go to difference makers. At the tight end position, that means a guy who is so good you can base a successful passing game off his skills. Eifert seems like a well-rounded guy, but there isn't anything about him that really sticks out as spectacular about him. He should be a quality player but not the kind of guy who takes over games.

That's just me, though.