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New York Jets: Cordarrelle Patterson "On the Radar"

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Brian Costello has an article out indicating Tennessee wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson is on the radar for the Jets.

Cordarrelle Patterson never has been to New York before this week, but he might need to get used to the place.

Patterson, a wide receiver from Tennessee, is a possible target for the Jets in tomorrow’s first round. Patterson is a classic prospect that has a ton of potential but a high possibility of being a bust as well.

The 6-foot-2, 216-pounder ran the 40 in 4.42 seconds and is explosive with the ball in his hands. He has return ability and even played some in the backfield in his one year with the Volunteers.

Patterson is a different prospect from Tavon Austin. Austin is the kind of guy you move around the field looking to draw attention and create mismatches. Patterson is more of a traditional outside receiver. This is a product of size. Patterson is a big receiver so he can hold up on the outside. Both can be very explosive with the ball in their hand in the open field.

With Santonio Holmes coming off a serious injury and Stephen Hill every bit as much of a question mark as he was a year ago, wide receiver is a need for the Jets.

Would you rather have Austin or Patterson? How about taking both and going forward with a Patterson/Hill/Austin/Kerley receiving corps?