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NFL Draft Rumors: Bills and Jets to Battle Over Ryan Nassib?

Otto Greule Jr

Sal Paolantonio says the Bills love Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib and think the Jets do just as much.

“The Buffalo Bills want Ryan Nassib,” Paolantonio reported. “But they’re very concerned the Jets will take him later in the first round. So the Bills may be forced to take him at No. 8.”

The possibilities are endless here. The Jets and Bills might both love Nassib and are worried their AFC East rival will get him. The Bills might be trying to bluff the Jets to get them to trade up. Conversely, the Jets might be lying to bluff the Bills to take Nassib too early.

I am hoping it is the last of these three. Frankly, I think taking Nassib in the top fifteen would be crazy. There are things I like about him. It's just taking him that high is a firm expression of confidence that he is your franchise quarterback. You are committing the next few years to him. In the second or third round with less of a commitment, I have no problem with Nassib. A high first round pick would be too high of a price to pay.