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Jets Rumors: No Deal Imminent for Chris Ivory

Chris Graythen

Saints general manager Mickey Loomis says no trade is imminent for Chris Ivory.

"There's no deal imminent, but we have had some discussions about it simply because it's a position strength for us," Loomis said.

I'm not sure how meaningful this really is. What is he supposed to say? Why would he admit his team wants to trade a player?

This deal may or may not go through, but we still are days away from the deadline. The talks the Saints and the Jets have had for Ivory involve the Jets trading a pick between the fourth and sixth rounds. The fourth round does not begin until Saturday, which is the deadline for something to happen.

The question is how much the Saints want Ivory. He is low on their depth chart, and they can get something for him now instead of losing him one year later. At the same time, New Orleans seems to be a team that wants to make a run this year. They are also a team that has experienced injuries at the running back position in recent years and might value depth there.