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NFL Draft Rumors: Jarvis Jones Is Hearing Buzz About the Jets

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

PFT reports University of Georgia outside linebacker Jarvis Jones is hearing a lot about the Jets.

"Haven’t really talked to the Jets but I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz. I think that everybody that I come across that’s an NFL football fan, that’s all they keep talking about, is the Jets.” Jets coach Rex Ryan worked him out at the Georgia pro day, and Jones’ pass-rush skills would be a fit for a defense in dire need of pass-rush. His slow-40 knock also makes him similar in background to Terrell Suggs, one of Ryan’s favorites.

The day before the Draft, it is going to be very difficult to separate fact from fiction, but Jones would figure to be very much in play for the Jets tomorrow night. He is likely slotted to go around the time the Jets make their two first round picks, and there is a definite need at outside linebacker, the position he plays.