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2013 NFL Draft: Could the Jets Double Up Early?


With three picks in the top forty, the Jets are going to have a chance to build a new foundation for their team. This number of early picks will give them a chance to create an area of strength for the next five to ten years if they do things correctly. It's easy to wonder whether they might consider doubling up at a particular area.

Looking at the Jets right now, it is kind of tough to find a spot where they are really good. There are a few but far too few. This situation is not unlike the one the Jets faced in 2006. They similarly had a roster that needed a lot. They invested their first two picks in offensive linemen, D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold. Ferguson and Mangold ended up being standout performers. The Jets had a series of successful seasons after they arrived, and the offensive line they anchored was one of the biggest reasons.

The Jets might have an opportunity to double up at a particular spot early and turn a weakness into a major strength. Wide receiver and outside linebacker are two spots that come to mind. As always, I cannot say the Jets *should* build their team this way, because there are a million different ways the Draft could go. It might not be the best way.

What I can say is this is an interesting possibility. The Jets have some glaring holes that need to be filled, yes. They also need to create positions of major strength that give opponents problems matching up and open things up for others.