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Darrelle Revis to Cost Jets $12 Million Against the Cap in 2013

Jared Wickerham

For a change of pace, here's some bad news. Darrelle Revis will count $12 million against the Jets cap this year due to dead money after the trade due to various unpaid bonus money on his old contract. Let that sink in. The Jets currently have three players with a cap hit of over $12 million. One is David Harris. One is Mark Sanchez. The third is Revis, who will take up around 10% of the Jets cap to cover Santonio Holmes Week 1.

The Jets now have around $8 million in cap space. There really isn't anything left for further signings, though. Over $5 million will have to go to sign the Draft class, and you always want to have a little extra around for a rainy day. Players are going to get hurt in the regular season so there needs to be a few million in cap space for signings.

The bottom line is the team you see after the Draft is largely going to be the team you will see the Jets go to war with in 2013.