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Two Trade Options For The New York Jets

Here are two more possibilities for what the New York Jets can do this week in the 2013 NFL Draft!


I seem to be posting a lot of trade options for the New York Jets lately. Hopefully, John Idzik will take some of my advice. Now that the Jets have acquired the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' #13 pick, here is what the Jets could potentially do.

Trade the #9 pick with the Minnesota Vikings for their #23 and #25 picks. They're rumored to be highly interested in Tavon Austin, who would replace Percy Harvin. If the trade value chart is an indication, this is a relatively fair trade.

Trade the #13 pick with the San Francisco 49ers for their #31 and #34 picks. They're rumored to be highly interested in a defensive lineman to step into Justin Smith's place. Again, the trade value chart indicates this would be relatively fair.

The Jets would end up with the #23, #25, #31, and #34 picks, giving them five selections in the top one hundred, including #37 and #74.

If the team is truly interested in rebuilding quickly, this would give them a significant number of selections right in the sweet spot of the draft. At that point, the team can draft a top inside linebacker (Arthur Brown, anyone?), outside linebacker (Sio Moore, perhaps?), wide receiver (Cordarrelle Patterson, if you're into that sort of thing?), or start looking at quarterbacks (E.J. Manuel/Ryan Nassib/Zac Dysert?), guards (Larry Warford/Brian Winters?), or safeties (D.J. Swearninger/Baccari Rambo/etc.?).

In short, there are a significant number of options at that point that can easily fill the Jets' holes this season, and capitalize on the Darrelle Revis trade to maximize the return. It's obviously incredibly doubtful that the team makes both of these trades, but they're worth considering as you ponder what options the team has.

Of course, they could probably just stay put, draft Geno Smith and Tavon Austin, and start recreating West Virginia University's offense. Just kidding. Maybe.